Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunset in the Late 1800s

I always was a sucker for Philippine sunsets (or sunrise), that is why my blog image reflects such (obvious ba?). I found this black and white photo of a sunset at Manila Bay dated around late 1800s (or early 1900s at the latest.) So beautiful, so pristine even in black and white photos. God was good to us and gave the Filipinos a spectacular country, it is likely he is dismayed on how we treated such gift. Just look at the Pasig river and it's exit point at Manila Bay today.

So sad ... at times it makes me angry. Do we need to mismanage our water resource just for the sake of money grubbing factories with unregulated pollution controls? Who monitors and penalizes these polluters in the first place? Our esteros are no better, uncaring people made it a garbage dump. Do we not have the will (either political and moral) to properly manage our mess?