Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baclaran Fire

I was walking along a street in Pasay and I saw a pall of smoke from the direction of the Baclaran LRT station area, my curiousity drew me to the place (like a moth to a fire, but I was a cautious moth), and what I saw astounded me. A thick pall of smoke emanating from a large warehouse fire which housed tons of clothing, shoes and other flammable items not sold in the last Christmas season of 2007. Glad I had a digital camera with me and this is what I saw.

To think this was shot quite a distance away from the fire. A chopper dropped water to help in quenching the fire. According to news reports it took several days before the embers inside the burning warehouse finally extinguished. It was extremely fortunate that no one was hurt in the fire.

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