Saturday, March 1, 2008

Of Symbols and Manifestos

Protest movements, especially in the Philippines, have a very prolific way of creating symbols, slogans, manifestos, labels, logos and what not. Even the beeps of car horns and whistles carry their meaning. For example if the slogan is “Gloria Resign!”, the horn goes Beeep Beeep, Bi-Bip. It is actually similar to Marcos’ old horn beat derived from the slogan “Marcos, Pa Rin!” Cory Aquino’s horn beat repeatedly goes Beeep Beeep, for the “Co-ry! Co-ry!” chant. So now I present the Gloria Resign movement its own set of symbols, labels, logos, and manifestos which are posted below.

(All photos below from Kabayan)

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mela said...

nice and meanignful blog:-)-

compact said...

Arroyo will be replaced soon so this should finaly satisfy all the protests. The only question now is if the next administration will be better, worse or the same.
I also blog on the news and economic issues.