Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Philippine Oligarchic Syndicracy Diagram (Courtesy of Romulo Neri)

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I got this Oligarchic Syndicracy Diagram (a form of government that I coined which means "a government run by the rich and criminal syndicates") from Manuel L. Quezon III's site under the topic, Dodging Concrete Demands. Some describe it as a Booty Capitalism Chart. Whatever it's description, this diagram shows the plight of our nation under unscrupulous powers that be. This chart was given by Secretary Neri to Columnist Lito Banayo and presented in the Philippine Senate for investigation.

Know Yourself, it was said then we knew People Power; now it is time to Know Our Enemies.

As cvj had said, we need this chart for "future spring cleaning."

A comment from Manolo Quezon went "
What’s interesting is his (Neri's) focus is on six captive industries, revolving around Alcantara, Aboitiz, Razon, Tan, and Gokongwei. The bubbles are, apparently, his view of “circles of influence.”"

I suspect the battle lines will soon be drawn.


cvj said...

Kabayan, thanks for the mention. By profession, i'm an IT Architect and in our terms, what Neri drew was an 'As-is' diagram which gives us an understanding of the current Architecture of the system. Beyond the particular names (which need to be dealt with nonetheless but can be replaced by other oligarchs if we don't change the system), what matters are the Nodes and Interactions. Neri's explanation is a good take off point.

Kabayan said...

True enough, Neri could be useful in enlightening us on the so called nodes and interactions between them and how severe the collusions are.

This knowledge can be very vital.

I wonder when he'll ditch the person he repeatedly called "evil" in the past. (At least according to different witnesses)

Anonymous said...

Every administration has its very own "Oligarchic Syndicracy" but of course, there are OLD oligarchic dynasties that have been there throughout history who don't need to perform stellar roles publicly that is.

It's the "younger" oligarchs that are greedy, these are the power brokers par excellence, the redoubtale fixers and the ones that cost so much to an unwitting investor.

(Kabayan, this is MBW -- can't sign into my blogger.com ID)

Kabayan said...

Hi anna,

Oligarch and influence peddlers often start young and as a career of the politician he or she support rise, so do they.

Often, young local oligarchs in my view would "take anything" victimizing even small to medium scale investors with the consent or support of local government officials.That is why we feel their greed more.

The big time oligarch indirectly take from the national coffers through dealing with national government officials and have to agree to "price adjustments" or "overprice" to land a lucrative government contract. As such we do not directly feel their sting but it drains our treasury and feel it in other ways like the extra 2% VAT, budget allocations to loan payment projects (with loans obtained at a bloated graft ridden price) instead of development and other dire effects.

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

Hi Kabayan!

To learn more about how the Maritime Industry has suffered for years in the hands of the captured regulators (PPA, MARINA, DOTC) and the booty capitalists (Razon and Aboitiz) check out http://maritimewatchkeeper.ph

Kabayan said...

Hi Jen,

At http://maritimewatchkeeper.ph, I tried to access "read more" section of Some of Neri’s booty capitalists mentioned previously, confirmed but the rest of the story won't pop out. There seems to be something wrong with the link.

agnesdv said...

Do you think a nationwide boycott would be feasible and workable?

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Civil Disobedience? Kasi sa tingin ko,ayaw talagang umalis ng pandak at makikipagpatayan siya.

bigboy said...

kabayan pacopy ako nito ha..

Kabayan said...

Hi agnesdv,

What would be the target of the boycott? China products? Products of the national oligarchs? What do you have in mind?


Hi cocoy,

Civil disobedience related to what in particular. Non payment of taxes? Are there other techniques? The civil disobedience action must be defined.


Hi bigboy,

Go ahead, knock yourself out :)

Maybe you can also research more about the oligarchs, their assets, companies, government contracts and influences. That could start the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone

please allow me to be Anonymous for my own protection. isa rin ako sa mga Blogswarms

may alam kasi ako, gusto ko lang ilantad ito sa masa

nung senate inquiry ni jun lozada...

ang ombudsman pinatawag si FG for a hearing tapos si FG sabi di sya maka appear for health reasons, diba?

si FG na yung next na senate inquiry pero inunahan ni Merceditas... kasi hindi pwedeng sabay imbetigahan si FG nang senate & ombudsman

merceditas = ombudsman

so hawak na ni ombudsman si FG at hindi si senator cayetano, et al

so what's the catch?

tado mga yan. mga kawatan talaga.

kaya inunahan ni merceditas, para hindi ma senate inquiry si FG

to protect FG. pero akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

pinapatagal nila. buying time...

it was a political manuever ni merceditas to protect her boss

sabi ng mga lawyers na kilala ko ginagamit ang talino sa kabalastugan

mga lawyers lang can see thru this kasi alam nila pano ang takbo nang batas

magkano kaya binayad kay merceditas para gawin nya mga bagay na eto ano?

PLEASE REPOST my comments para malaman ng taong bayan yung kabulastugan ng ombudsman

akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ay! Tulog pa si Kabayan!
Naubos ko nang binasa ang mga isinulat mo.

kabayan said...

Hi cocoy,

Nakapasok ka na rin. Sangkatutak na adjust ko dito.

Pasensya na di kita kaagad nasagot, talagang rush ngayong linggo ang trabaho at hinahabol matapos bago mag-Holy Week.

Pa jokes jokes lang muna ako sa site mo sa mga darating na araw. :)

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Anonymous said...

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Diego K. Guerrero said...

Ibasak ang crony capitalism! Let's kick Gloria's ass and her kleptocrats.