Sunday, February 17, 2008

All is not well in Gloria's Paradise, the Middle Class simmers

As if to show detractors and administration apologists that the Friday the 15th initial protest salvo was not a fluke, the protest mass held at La Salle, Greenhills overflowed with people. Not sure of a heavy turnout, the gym where the mass was held was only able to accommodate around half of the 4 to 5 thousand attendees.

The recent composition of the crowd should serve as a warning to the Gloria administration downplaying the events of February 15 protests. The religious sector and the middle and upper classes' vehicles filled opposite lanes of Ortigas Avenue from EDSA all the way to Green Hills Shopping Center as early as 9 a.m. shortly before Sunday's mass. This therefore completes the different strata of society when we combine the largely low to upper middle class composition of the protest rally of the 15th and the largely lower middle class to upper class composition during the mass at the 17th. In both protest gatherings, the religious and the middle class sectors were there; a simmering social brew which composed some of the important elements that allowed EDSA I and II to succeed.

Will this corrupt administration continue its evil ways and use the same old canned Gestapo tactics to intimidate and persecute the political opposition and whistleblowers in government? In all likelihood, arrogance and greed may push them to continue on their wayward ways; and if the consequence of their actions finally catches up with them, they have no one else to blame but themselves.

In my heart, it may be better this way so that finally the crashing fall of the administration's Mafia Paradise would be resoundingly heard and they would reap the whirlwind from the people of the Philippines whom they wantonly exploit.


Tongue's Wrath said...

Wow! I like your blog, Kabayan. Very impressive and insightful, too. Keep it up, pal.

Kabayan said...

Thanks Tongue, I do what I can. I put in the link of your blogsite, our allies' and those who likely sympathize with our cause too.

Maybe you can suggest other blogsite links for me to add as well? :)

C said...

Everyone please be advised: Rumor has it that GMA is planning on bribing local officials to stage a fake rally in her favor on the EDSA anniversary, Feb. 25. She wants people to believe that she still has the support of the silent majority. Let's spread the word and not be fooled by yet another tactic of bribery and lies!

Kabayan said...

Thanks for the heads up c. :)

Paeng said...


nakaisip na ako ng pangalan sa ating blogswarm! Tara na at mag

Against Arroyo
wave 1.0

Spread the word around. :)

Kabayan said...

Hi c,

Hi Cecil, the plan of Malacanang and allies to do an operation "hakot" at Liwasang Bonifacio backfired. A lot of the hired pro-Gloria protesters got angry as they were not paid the P 200 promised them. To make it even more ridiculous, they complained to the radio station DZMM!

Hahaha, you could see the broadcasters tongue-in-cheek doing a "panawagan" calling on the air those who hired the pro-administration protesters to go back to Liwasang Bonifacion and pay their "hakot's" P 200 salary. Tinakbuhan yata! :)