Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Unwitting Hero

How can such a diminutive man with fear in his eyes suddenly become someone who is able to spill the beans regarding corruption commited by the most powerful men and women of the land? Philippines is full of strange events and this incident is no exception. Jun Lozada is such a man. Although initially fearful of the Senate, he became more terrified of the underhanded and dark ways of the Executive Branch.

Lozada's abduction (some say he was under duress or what not but the fact that he has no freedom to move to a place where he wants while under "escort" plus he was pressured to sign documents that he supposedly requested for "security" simply smacks of an abduction. I've not even mentioned the forged signatures among the documents yet) made him decide to run to the Senate and tell the truth so it will be moot for the ZTE deal gangsters to kill him to prevent information leakage.

On another point, my prediction came true, they're now pushing for Charter Change once more. It's shaping up to be a Prime Ministership or a Dictatorship at all cost installed on or before year 2010. If by this incident the skeptics still do not see the writing in the wall, I guess nothing will. Some are more enamored of discussing the issue rather than acting on it. This led me to compose a saying:

...While the mages in their ivory towers argue the color of the fiery dragon's breath,

the dragon destroys the townspeople burning them to death...


I also warned all the posters in Manolo's site that the pieces of the Dictatorship puzzle are visibly coming together.


Other watermarks regarding the Orc army’s march toward a de facto Martial Rule:

Status Check:

1. Joe de Venecia would have to go since he is a rival for a Prime Minister position - Check, Objective Achieved

2. Charter Change must still push through so that term limits would be removed for the future Congressmen (or the future Parliament Members for that matter) and the position of Prime Minister must have unlimited term. - Objective Ongoing

4.The COMELEC must be controlled and manipulated. - Largely Achieved

5. Maintain a Praetorian guard among generals in the PNP and Armed Forces - Check, Objective Achieved

6. Maintain the “Destabilizer” and “Communist” bogey so as to justify crackdowns of legitimate protest including opinions published by legitimate media. - Objective Ongoing

7. Emasculate the media so that those currently in power can be corrupt and abuse power without chastisement. - Partially Achieved

9. Make inroads and as far as possible to try to control or at least heavily influence the Judicial Branch of government. - Partially Achieved
Other Objectives (On Hold):

3. The position of Prime Minister should be a post that would be chosen by a small group (i.e. Parliament) so that only a few need to be convinced and as a consequence would have lesser bribes to dispose to get favors. - On Hold Till Objective 2 is Achieved

8.If unable to push through the above agendas effectively, they will fabricate a reason or a scenario to declare Martial Rule, or at least put in the mechanisms for a de facto Martial Law. - On Hold just in case Objective 2 and other measures fail


My gut feeling says these things may come quickly, unless we as a people throw a monkey wrench into their evil plans.

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