Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unseen and Unsung Heroes, the Eye of the People

Remember those ubiquitous jalopies which ply places where there seem to be a lot of action? Yes, these are the pride of the news networks. The news van. These vehicles have come a long way from those olden times when reporters run to buses or jeepneys to get their story or "scoop". Some of these TV network vans sport high tech collapsible communication antennas, dishes and a spaghetti of wires and cables which I give a wide berth during rainy days for fear of electrocution (they say its safe but who knows). Some are no frills vehicles commonly used by by radio networks. But whatever high tech gizmos these vehicles carry, I am more impressed with what truly makes these equipment valuable; those who use them, namely the news crew.

For the first part of my coverage of the prayer rally at Baclaran Redemptorist Church last 25th of February 2008, I would like to focus on a different kind of people. For once I wish to do a coverage on people who do a coverage; the news people.

I usually admire news network reporters who go to harms way just to give an accurate, blow by blow reporting at the risk of their own lives; so that us the viewing or hearing public would be informed of an accurate depiction of what happens on the news site. Events which involves action, battles, chases and even rallies or other news of significance are among the top favorites and undoubtedly the same would be true to majority of listeners and viewers. The most influential of the news medias are those in television and the "face" of these medium are the TV reporters. Some of these reporters have become popular as a result; so popular in fact that some even win elected political posts. For many of those who truly put their life in the line especially those in war situations get popular and rightly so, a bullet or shrapnel in the wrong place could end the career or life of a TV reporter.

(Sol Aragones dialing her cellphone after a camera take)

(Ces Drilon reporting)

However, did you ever wonder that every time we see a news reporter in an action scene especially in dire situations (Like the one in the siege of Lamitan where the Abu Sayaff holed up in a hospital, I believe Patrick Paez was there), many forget the person responsible for the action shots which makes the reporter famous. Yes, many forget the man behind the camera, the cameraman. You can only imagine them lugging around a heavy piece of equipment (i.e. the camera), at times through kilometers of jungle, dodge danger and even bullets, and yet be in the perfect position to get an excellent shot?

Considering all these, I learned to admire and love the gallant and courageous cameramen. And thus during the February 25, 2008 Redemptorist church prayer rally, these photos are my tribute to these unusual men.

Above photos in this article by Kabayan

As we watch them from the comforts our computer and virtual world, let us give a collective round of applause to all the brave, dedicated, strong, and courageous people who face real challenges and danger yet still make the news images look good. Our surrogate "eye" which enable us to actually see events that happen all over the world. The Cameramen. Mabuhay kayo.


Jen Llarena said...

galing Kabayan!

Kabayan said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks Jen, frustrated writer yata ako :D

Bren said...

Makati rally fizzled. 15,000 according to police estimates, so siguro 20,000 or 22,000... ang kaunti naman!!!!

MBW said...


Did you take these pictures too?

Nice of you to laud the cameramen and photographers. They are really the unsung hands without which we won't get to see what's really going on.

Kabayan said...

Hi mbw,

Yes I did, I really admire those guys. Non pretentious but does lot of hard work.

Unfortunately I just took a few shots on the last Feb 29 rally. Forgot to charge the camera, arrghh.

Anyway I got a nice interview. Will post it as soon as I reduce my work backlog :)

Kabayan said...

15,000 lang nakita nila kasi nagtago sila sa likod ng Intercontinental hotel. Ayaw na yatang lumapit ang mga pulis.

Sabi rin ng pulis na wala silang hinarang na rallyista,problema eh kinunan ng chopper ang mga pulis na humaharang sa rallyista.

Kawawa naman ang mga junior officer's at rank and file ng police, tinuturuang magsinungaling ng Malacanang.