Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blogswarmers of our race Unite! Gloria Arroyo Resign!

Photo by Kabayan

GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO, RESIGN ! ... Why, you might ask? For those who for some reason who are unable to follow the multitude of issues and for those who INTENTIONALLY wants to forget; here’s why.

I had once posted this to blogs before it came under the control of the powers that be. No matter, in the administration’s attempt to squash those who oppose the corrupt and hacks protecting these abusers of power, this served only to scatter the posters to spread the word on the sordid state of affairs of our nation. The posters even learned how to make blogs and became bloggers; that made the effort of exposing these corrupt people in power even more effective. To the harebrained schemer who tried to control our posts, Thank you for now we are now more powerful than ever.

An earlier list was posted in the blog courtesy of the Pedestrian Observer (Thanks Jaywalker)

Now a Feb 24 updated list on why Gloria, and/or her administration are deemed not only to be the most corrupt but also either involved, part of, or unable to resolve the following, and is fit to Resign:

  1. Involved in trying to destroy our democracy through numerous Executive Orders like E.O. 464. and E.O. 1017
  2. Part of those who wish to ram Cha-cha down our throats
  3. Massive habitual unresolved election fraud
  4. Involvement in “Hello Garci” Garcillano electoral fraud scandal
  5. Bedol scott free of his involvement in electoral fraud and boasting ownership of an armory
  6. Passports tampering involving the DFA themselves
  7. Cover-ups, protection and worse, giving Coast guard escort to illegal fishermen back to their country (ex. Chinese fishing boat caught at Tubhattaha protected Philippine marine sanctuary - this has happened several times to boot)
  8. Those involved in the Fertilizer scam
  9. Jocjoc Bolante protected by govenment
  10. North Railway anomalies
  11. Policemen serving warrantless arrests
  12. Banning, harassing, and intimidating freedom of speech and assembly
  13. Threats and arrests of media personnel
  14. Those who ignored public bidding (example; like the bidding of the dozens upon dozens of police cars) by abusing “Executive Privilege”
  15. Coddling and protecting corrupt people and criminals (ex. like those who protect and benefited from COMELEC Garcillano, Gambling Lords like the Pinedas, Jocjoc Bolante etc.)
  16. Arresting witnesses to election fraud in Lanao and jailing good soldiers like Gen. Gudani and Colonel Balutan by making the midnight Executive order 464
  17. Arresting of people for simply wearing “Palitan na, Now na” T-shirts
  18. Banning of leaders from making a speech in a Luneta rally
  19. Raiding (without warrant) a house where the opposition were analyzing fraudulent electoral returns
  20. Loss and tampering of ballot boxes in Congressional custody
  21. Assassination or kidnapping of electoral fraud witnesses like Musa Dimasidsing and several teachers for being honest and having integrity
  22. Continued proliferation of Gambling Lords roaming around scot-free like the Pinedas and Singsons.
  23. Military, police officers and government officials who enriched themselves in gambling operations especially those with opulent lifestyles (Maj. Mosqueda, generals and government officials) are still out there enjoying fruits of their crime.
  24. Destruction of the spirit of the law for the ends of the corrupt few especially the one in the top position of the Department of Injustice.
  25. Killing of journalists and people simply because they spoke out against corruption and anomalies.
  26. Allows, participates and abets a host of other crimes by those in power simply because they are allies.
  27. Assigning people who indiscriminately cut trees in City Parks (ex. Arroceros Park) in top level DENR position
  28. Continually try to find ways to do away with public bidding through loopholes in “executive decisions”
  29. Use of public funds for personal election campaigns
  30. Instituted electoral fraud upon our OFWs abroad in the last election (Ahh, those corrupt in power thought this would not eventually be discovered)
  31. ZTE Deal Anomaly and other deals with “Executive Privilege” tag involving billions of dollars (the purpose of which is to enable hook government offices in a secure online infrastructure an unreasonably exorbitant waste of money that the government doesn’t even have which will be financed by China. A burden to the already debt ridden government that will be shouldered by the citizens and future citizens yet to be born, JCPO.)
  32. Questionable “Made in China” deals. (ex. Cyber Ed deal etc.)
  33. Attempting (if not already partially implemented) leasing out of 1 million to up to 2 million hectares of PHILIPPINE agricultural land to a China firm.
  34. Declaring E.O. 464 to prevent Sec. Neri from testifying in additional details in ZTE bribery deal
  35. Bribery in Congress – attempted bribery of Cong. Beltran
  36. P 500,000 Bribery in Malacanang Palace and dispensing other “brown paper bags” filled with money ranging from P 200,000 to P 500,000 to the administration’s political stooges
  37. Quashing of any investigation on the bribery scandal courtesy of the Committee of Injustice in Congress
  38. Arrest and detention of media personnel in Manila Peninsula Hotel
  39. The continuing killings of media men and women along with kidnapping, killing, torture, detention of people and even students.
  40. Attempted revival of the Charter Change
  41. Intimidation and threats by Sec. Puno to media people and networks
  42. Abduction of ZTE anomaly witness Jun Lozada
  43. Threats and moves against Jun Lozada, a whistle blower of the anomalous ZTE transaction.
  44. Attempt to divert funds for housing program for the PNP and AFP personnel to the scandal ridden NBN deal.
  45. Revival AGAIN of the Charter Change issue this February 2008
  46. Allies attempts to remove Fr. Panlilio from office through the COMELEC
  47. STILL unresolved kidnappings such as those of Jonas Burgos, Karen EmpeƱo, Sherlyn Cadapan, Ma. Luisa Posa-Dominado, Nilo Arado, Maguindanao election teachers among others.

Primarily the proliferation, whether directly or indirectly, of continuing support to this corrupt and evil system is made through people who are either:

a. Paid

b. Employees of government.

c. They are relatives and friends of corrupt officials themselves.

d. Those that directly or indirectly benefit from a corrupt system

Recent additions to this:

48. Using the police to block people who intend to go to rallies
49. Using the Air Transport Office to ban helicopters and aircraft from covering the rally
50. Arrest of people in Calamba for participating in rallies
51. Questionable arrest of staff people of Senator Trillanes.
52. Questionable Spratleys deal with China
53. Overpriced Diosdado Macapagal Highway

I’m certain that decent and impartial citizens of the Philippines have something to add to this list. Just enter in the comment section.

An additional reminder to Gloria Resign Blogswarmers; I recommend this suggestion from agnesdv (All That Blogs blogsite) when making your blogs:

I'd like to remind everyone, to use Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's full name in your posts. Let it be known, that her name (however it is Google searched: Gloria, +Macapagal, +Arroyo) will FOREVER be linked and be synonymous to corruption, to judicial killings, to selling her own country to China and to her bad presidency. She not only tainted her name, but also her father's. Let this history not be forgotten again.

Below is improvement of "Gloria Devil" image; from The Bystander site. (With your permission Bystander if it's okay :) )

And another edited image for Grizzy aka
lahingbughaw who also have a blog at Maria Clara in Revolution


agnesdv said...

Btw, I'd like to remind everyone, to use Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's full name in your posts. Let it be known, that her name (however it is Google searched: Gloria, +Macapagal, +Arroyo) will FOREVER be linked and be synonymous to corruption, to judicial killings, to selling her own country to China and to her bad presidency. She not only tainted her name, but also her father's. Let this history not be forgotten again. Kabayan, please pass on this information. Thanks..

bigboy said...

please link with us

Gloria Resign Official Website

Kabayan said...


Done and done

Kabayan said...


Did that since yesterday :)

(See my link under "GMA Resign!!")

MBW said...

Agree - been doing that, printing her whole name in full to be forever tagged with corruption!

Ephraim Aguilar said...

Hi Kabayan. I saw your post in one of the groups on multiply. I am Ephraim Aguilar a writer for a national daily. I want to see if I can write something about the "blogswarmers" uniting to oust Gloria. Pls get in touch with me over my YM: freakinapostle. Or visit my multiply and leave a message there on how I can get in touch with you. Thank you. Sana magkausap tayo ngayong araw. Mabuhay ka.

Kabayan said...

Hi Ephraim,

Just post me your email here, so that I can communicate with you. I was not the main proponent of the blogswarm but only just one of the "bees".

This can be a good thing since all other blogswarmers can email you their points of view.

Also try contacting Jen of "Etcetera Etcetera" (see my link) since I believe she just suggested it in passing and the rest of us instinctively made a blogswarm. (She also published in her blog roughly how the Blogswarm started)

Kabayan said...


I'll also be out "strolling" along the streets today. ;)

Jaywalker said...

So it was you who posted the list at inquirer... unfortunately the liepaper errr newspaper thread cannot be accessed anymore.

I'll be linking this blog at Pedestrian Observer GB.

the bystander said...

thanks for improving the image, kabayan. i like it.

she will go down in history as the most hated and unloved "President" this country ever had.

Ephraim Aguilar said...

Kabayan here's my email address: Thanks.

bigboy said...

Please watch this video

a call for our presidentevil by Cindy Jacobs

last Dec 2004 Jesus Revolution Convergence (day 2, pm) 1 month bago pumutok yung Hello Garci scandal.

Kabayan said...

Whew, the activities were tiring and actually confusing. There are so many groups all around Metro Manila (which I only found out later, I was stuck and sleepy during the solemn Redemptorist mass and homily) running around the Malacanang banned no-permit/no-rally zones.

I was appalled with their audacity. Mendiola, People Power Monument, Ateneo, Katipunan, Redemptorist Church, all littered with masses protesters both active and passive. Something that I only saw during the EDSA 1 and pre EDSA 1 days. Nobody was following the administration enforced No-permit No-rally policy anymore!

Spirits were high and so was the outrage. Jedis both old and young where everywhere along with old retired veterans of the Republic, Techies, and hordes of new regular recruits etc. Have to rest and sleep for now. Gawd, the young guns are still going to the Katipunan concert after all that! Pls. comment me and tell me where you were, I'll read it tomorrow.

Kabayan said...

Hi Jaywalker,

Yep that was me, the same old Kabayan (NOT the VP Noli de Castro of course, good heavens, what a waste of talent!)

The news reports are still good for my taste but the Blogspots I believe is now controlled by the powers that be. Because of that now the posters are all over the blogs, forums and made websites of their own. Their plans to quash us backfired and now we're everywhere!

Thanks for linking me. I linked you quite some time back, keep in touch. ;)

Kabayan said...

Hi Bystander,

Glad you liked it. No problem basta sa mga kasama at katipun sa laban, I'll do the extra mile if I can. ;)

In a way I'm sorry for her (Gloria), history can be a very cruel judge. She should not have followed the path to dictatorship and corruption. Her own arrogance and overconfidence betrayed her.

Kabayan said...

Hi Ephraim, got your email, just been outside. I'll have to rest, sleep and recharge for now.

Kabayan said...

Hi Ephraim,

It's me again, can't sleep, will be sending you the email on roughly how I remembered the Blogswarm started. Just check your email later. I'll send it in MS word attachment :)

Kabayan said...

Ok Ephraim,

Sent you a brief story on the origins of the Gloria Resign Blogswarm. You can also check out our links dated between Feb 14 to 16 (or whereabouts) regarding the result of our first blogswarm.

There is also an article at
dated Feb 18, 2008 "The Blogswarm Gloria, the Senate NBN Probe, and Sa Totoo Tayo"; you can look up for the results at the links of other bloggers who participated on the first Blogswarm.

For the present blogswarm. You can also surf my blog links for listed blogspots (in the sidebar of this blogsite) which may have participated in the 2nd wave of Blogswarm for Feb 24 to 26 (or whereabouts).

Paeng said...


lighting of candles kay Philippine Update. Magsindi ka na!

Kabayan said...

Thanks Paeng, nakasindi na sa left sidebar ng blogsite na ito :)

Thanks for the info!

bigboy said...


nakita ko tong website ni gloria

lets flood screw that website with shit!

and lets try to hack they server.

bigboy said...


nakita ko tong website ni gloria

lets flood and screw that website with shit!

and lets try to hack they server to redirect in our sites

Tongue's Wrath said...

Finally, na-upload ko rin yung banner ko ng blogswarm. I suggest we let Jen post all of these graphics in one of her upcoming threads. Or better yet, create one blog that will allow everyone only one post with graphic and let us see how it snowballs. What do you think?

Kabayan said...


Sounds good, so do you suggest we email images then?

So you mean there will be an "upload image" button which will allow us to upload our images? Haven't seen a website like that before, I guess we have to register to that proposed site then. Who would be designing that site?

Kabayan said...


shhhhhh ... ;)

Kabayan said...

Hi Tongue,

Maganda yung gif Gloria blogswarm banner mo kaya lang nawawala ang movement basta i-post ko yung gif. May series of images ka ba niyon para mapagalaw mo?

If you can send us the series of gif images maybe some who have flicker or similar programs can put it through a slideshow for actual movement. The Google Blogspot offers Slide Show options I think.

BTW pwede ba yung nunal ni Gloria gawing bright red parang blinkers ng kotse? Maganda yan para sa "Busina para sa Katotohanan" theme ... Beep! Beep! :LoL:

bigboy said...

pahingi po kami ng image..

please mail us here


bigboy said...


nabili na ni gloria yung CBCP kasama na sila sa payroll ni gloria.

wag na nating hintayin pa na may kumilos and manguna from CBCP malabo nang mangyari yun.

nananawagan ako na dapat kumilos na tayong lahat
dapat kumilos narin ang taong bayan!
dapat kumilos na yung may malasakit pa sa ating bayan!

CBCP now is
Por Dios!
Por Santo!

please pass

bigboy said...

Let’s go to Makati

nananawagan po ako punta po tayo bukas ng feb 29,08 at 6:00pm sa Makati.



bigboy said...

haha napanood ko sa tv patrol kanina..

Reporter: Bakit po kayo nandito?
Lola: Sinama lang po ako dito ng purok namin sabi may pagkain daw eh wala namang akong trabaho kaya sumama naman aq..

Reporter: Ano po yung pinaglalaban nyo?
Bading (nagpapacute sa camera): uhhmmm ehhhh.. siya po kasi yung may alam..

Reporter: Kayo po sir ano po ginagawa nyo dito?
Mama (smile): uhmmmmmm
Reporter: Hindi nyo po alam kung ano ginagawa nyo???
Mama (smile nanaman): CUTTTTTTTTT

e2 pa

Reporter: Ano po ginagawa nyo dito??
Mama (habang naglalaro ng board game): sinama lang po ako ng kabarkada ko dito sabi may ANO daw..

--- look guys.. pinagsasamantalahan nila ang kahirapan ng mga taong ito. Naawa ako sa kanila. Lalo na yung sa lola. I really dont think naman na ginusto nila yun.Kung gutom ka at wala ka namang makain diba papayag ka na ganun. Kapit patalim nalang siguro sila. Isa sila sa mga pinaglalaban natin, kaya lets do our best to make this country better. wag na tayo maghintay ng 2010. And pwede suggestion. We dont need one person to resign. We need all government officials to resign. TO have the ultimate reform. Opposistion man o Admin. They really need all to step down from their office to achieve and to draw the line of this wasteful act of our government system..I think it is the best way to change the system itself. Diba yung sabi ni rizal ung inuulit ni Mr. Lozada kailangan walang bakas ng sistema. WAG TAYONG MAGIWAN NG BAKAS. DAPAT ITO NA ANG HULING ADMINISTRASYON AT OPOSISYON. AT ITO NA ANG MAGING SIMULA NG BAGONG GOBYERNO.

comment from iamkarl

Kabayan said...

Thanks bigboy,

I assume this is the interview the pro-Corruption/pro-Gloria rallyists at Rotonda

I vaguely remembered another one (or at least to this effect):

Reporter: Bakit kayo nandito?

Pro-Gloria rallyist: Kasi ano... (giggle)

Reporter: Para ano?

Pro-Gloria rallyist: (more giggles)

Reporter: Bakit nga kayo nandito.

Pro-Gloria rallyist: Yung kasamahan ko kasi ang nakakaalam eh...

bigboy said...

post nyo rin sa mga blog nyo yung hello garci

get the embed code here:

Ara said...

Referring to these sites:

Sus, eto nanaman ang mga "e-mandirigma". This is so LAME. Walang mangyayari sa inyo hanggang INTERNET lang kayo. Kung gusto nyo mag rebolusyon dapat humawak kayo ng mga baril at lumusob sa malacanang. Ni hindi nyo nga alam kung sino ipapalit niyo kay GMA eh.

Some say they want De Castro, the Black and White movement (lame brains) say they don't like De Castro (they advocate GMA and Noli to resign), some say it should be Puno, some say Erap, some say they don't even know who to replace GMA with but they want her out.

If you want to be revolutionaries don't hide behind your blogs and computers. Go out and wield a weapon and attack Malacanang if you are real people like Mao Zedong, Che Guevarra or Ayatollah Khomeini and not a bunch of URKLEs in that show Saved by the Bell. What a bunch of posers and wussy geeks these are na nag-ngangangawa sa blogs. A bunch of whining crybaby CONYO-english speaking (saying "now na", "now naman") computer geeks clearly cannot defeat GMA and her forces.

Tamo si Trillanes naniwala na susuportahan siya ng mga "e-mandirigma" pero ano nangyari? Busy sila sa kaka "blog" at kagagawa ng mga photoshop collage na naglalagay kay Trillanes sa Philippine flag at may mga corning motto.

GMA will remain in power no matter what. The "opposition" people are clueless and have their own agendas which makes their ranks broken and weak.

Imagine they even say:

"kung edsa 2 napabagsak natin thru SMS now, naman.
the president web 2.0 brought down, the president blogging brought down,
the first president social media brought down" -daveQ

Yeah, right. Imagine a bunch of bloggers and e-mail forwarders facing the PSG? The PSG and PNP will jut laugh and GMA will just send in her janitors to chase the "e-mandirigma" away with brooms.

Kabayan said...

Ay ara nandito ka pala!

And I thought you ignored me, while you posted on other blogger sites; I was beginning to feel hurt :)

Kumusta na yung advise ko na magpa-release ka ng frustration mo? Ginawa mo na ba? Dapat i-release mo na at marami pang frustrations na darating.

Ipatanggal mo na kasi yung advisers in Gloria at ikaw pumalit eh. Tapos advise mo si Gloria mag-resign at mag self-exile. E di nabawasan mo ang tension mo at makakahinga na rin ng maluwag idealized questionable president mo. You'll save our country and you'll save Gloria ... O di ba, good for your health and good for your complexion too =)


Hope you are not the janitor (or janitress) you are talking about. Nice talking to you ara, hope you come to your senses.


Ara said...

GMA is there to stay dahil mga walang kuwentang mga "e-mandirigma" lang naman ang mga kumakalaban sa kanya. Mga wannabe revolutionaries na mga bloggers, txt adiks at e-mail forwarders na feeling Bolshevik. Come on now. Nagsasayang lang kayo ng bandwidth. Anti-corruption "daw" sila pero mga corrupt din (Estrada) ang mga dumalo sa rally nila.

Kabayan said...

Hi ara,

Nice of you to drop by, visit more often, it increases my visitor hits. :)

Make sure you update your blogsite as well, para naman hindi sayang yung bisita ko sa site mo ;)

bigboy said...


nice kabayan!!

ako rin Ara ako rin visit karin sa blog namin

dagdag adsense rin, magkasama ka ng marami ha..


bigboy said...

TO ALL Blogswarm's

Please kindly include this in your Blogswarms Links

bobreyes =

jaypee005i =

karl =

voltz1129 = <-- nephew of jun lozada ;)

aldwindumago =

zaifkram =

pinoy4change =


rakisy said...

Laki galit kay President Arroyo ah. Anyway, ano ba mga laman ng Charter Change? d ko kc alam kung ano mga papalitan sa constitution? thx

Anonymous said...

Gud afternoon KABAYAN... I would like to ask something... can you cite some reasons why former GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO should NOT BE CONVICTED from all of her anomalies.? I am certain that i'm against her but if i'm asked to give reasons why she should not be convicted, well i guess i cant support and stand my answer.. so would you pls help me KABAYAN... thnak you..