Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dark Army Rising, the Emperor and her Orcs

With Gloria’s continuing push for a zombie-like resurrection of Charter Change exposed several weeks ago, she has no choice but to admit “supporting” moves to rewrite the Constitution. As with all half-truths, we must also recognize the lie.

She said that she would not “spearhead” the Charter Change initiative; however, how many times in history does a general physically spearhead the attack of an army? A commanding general is nearly almost always at the rear or if in a forward position have a vanguard of crack bodyguards hacking a way through.

Beware of the twisted statement, while for most of us we can see the frontline of this Orcish horde led by Local Government Officials, rest assured that behind them issuing the orders is Emperor Palpakparin herself.

Of course the assertion of her Praetors that she is not interested in extending her term beyond 2010 is a flat faced lie. Not less a lie than Gloria a year or two ago was saying that Charter Change was “dead”. Her habit of lying then stabbing in the back is obviously showing.

Tactical movements toward the Charter Change objective have already started. JDV is out (though he is still self-deluded), Local Government orcs fired the opening salvo, and the latest is Gloria’s statement of “supporting moves” in rewriting the Constitution revealed by no less than herself to Reuters seal the devil’s pact.

As such, organizing must not only go on but must be expanded, the clear and present danger patiently explained, and more people mustered against the creeping army of darkness marching towards Charter Change. We must build this up in a steady yet strong growth, let us discard the “instant gratification” syndrome, learn from the lessons of the past and renew our push against the approaching army of darkness.

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