Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogswarm on Friday the 15th

Sometimes it takes a swarm of angry Filipinos for the corrupt and power hungry to understand that we are serious when we say to the Gloria administration to STOP INSTITUTIONALIZING CORRUPTION and STOP MOVES TOWARD DICTATORSHIP.
It seems these words fall in deaf ears and perhaps these corrupt in power are banking on the fact that Filipinos usually take the meek quiet way of convincing these thick faced people. However these hacks forgot that despite the patience of Filipinos, we also have a timed fuse and once the fuse is blown, its consequence is pretty hard to stop.

As we can observe, obviously it takes a lot of outraged Filipinos for our indignation to be heard, so let us express this as a group, as a swarm, BLOGSWARM.

Tomorrow those with blogsites and forums are enjoined to post their favorite picture of Gloria Arroyo and express their outrage. Gloria Resign! or a similar title for your article is suggested.

As a bonus, those who have "nice" pictures of Gloria would earn the silent accolades from the multitude of our countrymen who had enough of her shenanigans.



Lester Cavestany said...

Kabayan, sama ako diyan :-) Suportahan natin ang mga rally at mga kilos-protesta at baka sakaling magkaroon ng lakas-loob ang iba pang mga testigo.

Salamat po,

Kabayan said...

Sige Lester, let's show our stuff. Dumarami na tayo. :)