Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dark Force Rising

Living through the Martial Law times, I could not forget the repression and organized corruption done in those Marcos days. Many went missing and "salvaged" (summarily executed) while the cronies and relatives of Marcos were wallowing in ill-gotten wealth, power was concentrated to a few and abuses were often (currently sounds familiar?) Despite the Martial Law, it's repression and abuses worked in favor of the New People Army, communist rebels and they became STRONGER than weaker and grew to around 25,000 rebel troops.

How easy we forget those times, the sacrifices to finally kick out the dictator through People Power (the Original one.) Now people are dreaming of a dictatorial form of government, many of them young men and women thinking they could do one better. They forget, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Enough is enough, it's time to remind this new generation what grave darkness Martial Law and a Dictatorship (even a dictatorship of a clique) brings. I posted this in Manolo Quezon's site at http://www.quezon.ph under subheading "Deposing a Speaker". While there were a lot of "Jedis" there were also " Siths" and the occassional Jabbas and Trade Federation guys do not want to rock the boat as main concern is the status quo of raking in money.

My response to cvj;

(From) Kabayan :

"cvj (at 9:48am), true, the “let’s move on and let’s wait for 2010″ mindset is getting prevalent and is actually something which the power hungry in this administration wants."

Watch out for years 2009 to 2010. But then again when many people get wise, they may jump the timetable to 2008 since someone just “spilled the beans” so to speak.


Below is an edited version of my post (to properly organize my ideas in this blog) at Manuel L. Quezon's website with a warning ...


Strategic Objectives to Attain Dictatorship

"A vacuum now exists in the Lower House, a vacuum of balance not only in Congress but in our nation as well. The check and balance against the Executive Branch is now almost totally gone and Congress is now filled with “yes men” by the administration. By now we know who the future godlings of Congress will be and it ain’t Nograles, as we can now safely say of this administration, “Blood is thicker than water”.

In any case, the fall of De Venecia was predicted and would have be easily seen in the past if one would look at it in a wider point of view. The removal of De Venecia is a necessity brought upon by bigger nefarious design. If we look at the motives of this administration, it did not really change its objective which is - Gaining Total Power. As such the timetable is actually right on track delayed only by the opposition and civil society. So how did their objective go so far? In order to gain dictatorship whether by an individual or a clique this is what I have predicted nearly a year ago, this had been my predicted scenario:

1. Joe de Venecia would have to go since he is a rival for a Prime Minister position

2. Charter Change must still push through so that term limits would be removed for the future Congressmen (or the future Parliament for that matter) and the position of Prime Minister must have unlimited term.

3. The position of Prime Minister should be a post that would be chosen by a small group (i.e. Parliament) so that only a few need to be convinced and as a consequence would have lesser bribes to dispose to get favors.

4. The COMELEC must be controlled and manipulated.

5. Maintain a Praetorian guard among generals in the PNP and Armed Forces

6. Maintain the “Destabilizer” and “Communist” bogey so as to justify crackdowns of legitimate protest including opinions published by legitimate media.

7. Emasculate the media so that those currently in power can be corrupt and abuse power without chastisement.

8. If unable to push through the above agendas effectively, they will fabricate a reason or a scenario to declare Martial Rule, or at least put in the mechanisms for a de facto Martial Law.

9. Make inroads and as far as possible to try to control or at least heavily influence the Judicial Branch of government.

… Once the three branches of government is controlled, power is complete and a de facto Martial Law can easily be established. Whether this has already been done in part, I leave bloggers to decide.

This will be done at all costs. Everyone will be expendable EVEN the very lapdog Congress itself. Little does the existing Lower House know that they are soon in danger of losing their power even if they continue being the lapdog that most of them are. Impossible? That is also what they said when I indicated that JDV would eventually be kicked out.

Observe the events of the coming months and years and observe this emerging pattern. Only a vigorous push of different sectors of society against this evil agenda will throw a monkey wrench in their plans. Don’t forget Ramos in this equation as well.

(On another note, the new Inquirer blog design seems to be filtering individuals who oppose the administration or perhaps it is just glitch ridden or maybe I am just being paranoid. Hope I am wrong. The timing of the glitches in the Inquirer blogsite uncannily coincided with a major strategic power move of the administration, i.e. removing JDV. Hope it does not happen here in this site as well.)"


I had been posting in the Inquire.net blog to rail against the coming of the night (and posted a lot of constructive suggestions in different threads as well) now it seems bug ridden (or dysfunctional at best) and bloggers (including myself) cannot enter and post our opinions anymore. So now a lot have migrated to Manolo's site and other sites as well. The dark side has scattered its tentacles but in trying to squash us, the Jedis scattered and multiplied instead, telling of portents of things to come unless we do not actively fight against this encroaching evil in society.